We get more from your data

Cost savings and revenue growth through our expertise

We get more from your data

Cost savings and revenue growth through our expertise

About SMART Research

SMART Research bridges the gap between science and commercial companies. Our goal is to transmit scientifical knowledge to companies and to build applications that utilize big data to maximum effect. SMART Research develops learning and cognitive reasoning models extracted from big data. Models that predict customer behavior, detect fraud or proactively predict maintenance. The endless variation of models with predictive value saves costs, enables companies to respond quicker and more effective to sales opportunities or create intelligent tools to develop new policies. SMART Research delivers research & development (R&D) services, from consultancy to application development.

SMART Research and Big4Data

Big4Data is the new trading name of SMART Research. Bonaparte related business activities will remain with SMART Research BV. All other activities of SMART Research will be continued under our new name Big4Data.

SMART Research develops Bonaparte for NFI

Bonaparte was developed as part of an assignment from the Netherlands Forensic Institute (NFI). Bonaparte uses a combination of domain knowledge (provided by the NFI) and powerful algorhythms with which SMART Research has developed a model that can be used for identifying human beings through DNA profiles and family ties. The model has been integrated in the NFI working processes and is used on a daily base. With help of Bonaparte all victims of the Tripoli (2010) and the MH17 (2014) plane crashes have been identified. Additionally, a Dutch murder case (the Vaatstra case - 2012) has been solved and a serial rapist in Utrecht was tracked (2014).

Bonaparte is used by INTERPOL

In addition to the contract with the NFI, SMART Research has reached an agreement with international police organization, INTERPOL. The Bonaparte software has been mainly developed for large-scale identifying purposes but can also be deployed for relational investigation and identification of missing persons. The identification of missing persons usually concerns cross-border cases, the Bonaparte software enables INTERPOL to determine identities of missing persons through DNA of family members. INTERPOL also assists all member countries in cross-border victim identification with use of the Bonaparte software.

Learn more about Bonaparte?

You can find more information on the Bonaparte software at www.bonaparte-dvi.com. For questions about the software you can contact us.

Learn more about SMART Research?

Aside from Bonaparte, SMART Research, acting as commercial entity Big4Data, has developed a variety of practically applicable software tools such as Just Enough Delivery (for Dutch newspaper De Telegraaf), an app for Winestein and a petrophysical decision system for Shell. Want to know more about our activities? Visit our new website: www.big4data.nl. Our sales experts will assist you with advice and expertise.

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